3) The Apollo Guardians

3) The Apollo Guardians

3) The Apollo Guardians (Summer 2013)



Lumen Carier Philosophia



Not only has the first light of Argentium made the kingdom so luminous for its first time. The Apollos light also brought Argentium  great knowledge and prosperity.


All risiders in the Kingdom harmoniously and peacefully lived together under the reign of Gobelyne, the leader of all, and the protection from the Royal Guardians. The latter also played a key part in creating wealth to the nation. Ever since the first light from Apollo, these guardians were able to discover Aurium, the golden precious metal, and brought them to create diversifying forms of arts as well as used  Aurium to stimulate trade in the kingdom


Peaceful as it may seem. No living soul was ever scared nor afraid. Until that night. That holy night when the last light of Apollo swiftly vanished in the dark. The one night that totally changed everything in Argentium.




To be continued