Care Instruction

ake ake Sterling Silver Care Instruction

ake ake hand made Sterling Silver pieces are made with real silver that, without special plating or finishing, would be darken or tarnish when they are exposed with oxygen in the air, as the nature of real silver. But we can clean dark tarnish with silver polishing cloth attached in every package:


 Nature of Real Silver to be Darken/Tarnished 

Most of ake ake hand made silver pieces are oxidised finishing, or you can say no any other metals plating over, so real silver surface would be always exposed to the air especially when wearing on, or putting outside the package. Moreover, with some kinds of skin sweat, exposing to water (and have not dry them with soft cloth after), or exposing to other catalyst such as salt or sea water, would make silver pieces become yellowish / darken / tarnished faster due to chemical oxidising reaction that is the "Nature of real silver." But those properties are also "Beauty of real silver" especially the oxidised finishing, because when using silver polishing cloth, or even keeping wearing for some time, the outer surface that we can touch / polish would still be shining, whereas the detail area would be come naturally gradiently, and beautifully darker. As guru said "Real silver, the more you wear, the beauty it becomes." It would be more beautiful than clearly white pieces at the store.


 Polishing Cloth is already in ake ake Package 

In every ake ake Sterling Silver piece you purchased, we attach polishing cloth. This yellow cloth is special, full of special solution for polishing silver pieces. So you can use this special cloth to keep polishing and cleaning the tarnish. We recommend you to use this cloth for oxidised finishing pieces only, not for plated pieces. And suggest you to polish around 1 - 3 times a week if you keep wearing or leave it outside.


  Polishing Cloth would become Black, but It is Still Usable 

At the first or second times you use silver polishing cloth, the cloth would become black as it absord the dark oxidised substance from silver surface, as the natural properties of this cloth, but it can be used continuously for a long time due to this special cloth can keep absorbing the tarnish. Normally it can be used around 6 months - one year due to the frequency and the area of silver piece you polish.


 Keep in the Package to Avoid Fast Tarnishing 

As the oxidise reaction use oxigen as the main factor, so if you are not wearing, we recommend you to keep your silver pieces in close space with out exposing outside air, such as in ake ake leather porch and box that we give you as the package, so it would slow the oxidise process and no need to polish frequently.


 ake ake Silver Spa 

If you leave the silver pieces outside and not wearing for a long time, or for any reason that it becomes darker / tarnished in the level that is hard to polish by yourself, you can contact #akeake store to let us spa them to make shining at the best, with no additional cost along the lifetime. Moreover, we can even fix #akeake jewellery as well, just contact the store.