Customer Registration Terms and Conditions of Privacy


This section of "Customer Registration Terms and Conditions of Privacy" explains the general use of data from your given information upon registering on our system following your recent purchase(s) as follows,


1) We require certain essentail information to collect your purchase information which will be accumulated each year and may be rewarded in forms of promotional campaigns based on your spendings.

2) Your personal data (such as name, contact details , email address) will only be used for recording purchase information and details made with ake ake boutique(s). Your personal information will NOT be shared with any third party.

3) Your email address may be used as a mean of communication between ake ake and you as an alternative channel to mobile phone or postal address. This may include promotional campaigns, updates about the brand and products and important notices from the brand. Email address will NOT be shared with any third party.

4) Should you wish not to receive updates via Email, you may do so by checking the box "No" under the secion "Would you like to receive news and updates from us via Email?". Alternatively, you may opt out from the mailing list of ake ake by online unsubscribing (via unsubscribe link below each email) or replying back to us with your message stating your wish to opt out. 

5) Regarding other terms and conditions about shopping online via our website, please click here