The Silver Spa Services



The Silver Spa Services™


Lifelong sterling silverware deserves decent service commitments. ake ake offers a lifetime warranty to ensure all our accessories will always stay in a good hand when they require some maintenance from time to time.

at ake ake chapel, our first and flagship store, we offers several spa services including the cleaning service (silver polishing) which is complimentary for our jewellries and accessories. Simply drop by our boutique and leave some moments to have our specialists take care of your ake ake jewellery. Apart from the polishing service, we also offer other jewellery spa services as the followings



 The Lifetime Complimentary Cleaning Service™ 

Our sterling silver jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty that includes the complimentary lifetime cleaning service. Our cleaning procedure covers polishing the hardware part (sterling silver) with special tools at the boutique as well as removing dirts and removeable stains by using a special cleaning solution for jewellery. Please note that general cleaning (polishing) services can be done at the boutique and you can wait a few moments to have our specialists take care of your ake ake jewellery and get your like-new shiny jewellry back home on the same day. However, due to high volume of service requests, this can generally take a lot longer and might need extra time up to a few days to handle your requests. 

In some cases where your jewellery seriously needs a great help, we might have to take your ake ake jewelry back to our silver workshop to have our specialists take care with extra tools and equipment. This can significantly increase the service time and should be notified at the time of receiving your jewellry at our store by our sales assistant. 

Please note that polishing service can only be done with sterling silver finish jewellery and not applicable for all precious metal plated jewellery which will need different treatment(s) and will have to be sent back to our atelier.


 Complimentary Plating Service 

Our precious metal plated jewellery comes with one-time complementary plating service (with the same colour as the original item). This plating service will give back its original state of colour and shine, making your jewellery look like new again. Please note that this plating treatment will only revitalise the colour and shine but will not cure deep scratches and marks that would appear after a certain period of general wear. After the complimentary plating service is used up, a client may request additional plating services at a later time by paying for a fee. This fee will be calculated and notified to a client by our specialists before agreeing to request a plating service. 


  Reparation and Alteration Service 

Sterling silver jewellery can last from generations to generations. A hundred or evern a thousand years cannot take ake ake jewellery's eternal life away. Nevertheless, accidents might happen and cause your ake ake jewellery to look and work a bit different from its original state. Our ake ake jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures we can always take it back to our atelier and try to bring it back to life again. Our reparation and alteration services include changing in sizes (up in case of rings  and down in case of bracelets). If a part of your ake ake jewellery should break or get lost, we can fix it with spare parts from our atelier. Besides sizings, you can also request a change in colours (platings or enamels) or other components. Reparation/alteration requests will need to be assessed by our specialists and any associated costs will be notified before agreeing to receive such service(s).


 Bespoke 'Customisation' Service 

Because unique jewellery speaks louder than words. So expressing your true self can be exceptionally fierce through our bespoke, customised jewellery. From time to time, we selectively offer and take special orders from our clients. This customisation service ranges from name engraving services on certain jewelleries to a one-piece-in-the-universe jewellery, designed exclusively for an individual client.